InnoCampus YapLab Trainings

InnoCampus YapLab Program aims to provide experience on digital technology, Fab Lab culture and collaborative production processes through hands-on training and workshops. To achieve this goal, basic level trainings of 3D printer, Arduino, CNC and laser cutter in Yaplab is given at the beginning. The participants learn the necessary software programs where they can design and code to use the equipments.

Furthermore, participants will focus on certain technologies according to their interests and also attend to workshops of mixed technologies prepared by InnoCampus.

Some of YapLab Trainings and Workshops

3D Printer and Basics of 3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Basic Arduino Workshop

Applications of Arduino

Laser Cutter



Basic Coding with Scratch

Building Drones

App Inventor

If you want to attend to our YapLab trainings that will take place during Startup Accelerator Program, you can follow our Facebook page and enroll our workshops from If you have any other questions or workshop requests, you can reach us from