InnoCampus Startup Accelerator Program

Gaziantep University, Gaziantep. 17 February–10 May 2017

Program Outputs

We started our Gaziantep Program with InnoCampus Startup Weekend which we organized in Gaziantep University on 17-19 February2017. 14 teams made up of 20 refugees and 20 Turkish entrepreneurs worked on their business ideas for 48 hours with little sleep. At the end of the event, the teams presented their ideas to the jury which selected the 10 of the 14 teams to participate in the InnoCampus Gaziantep Startup Accelerator Program.

Throughout the program, 10 teams and 29 participants have received 90+ hours of entrepreneurship trainings from specialist trainers. InnoCampus Gaziantep Startup Accelerator Program has ended after 9 weeks with the Demo Day in Gaziantep University on 10th of May. 10 teams have presented their business ideas to jury.

Among the business ideas in the program there are; mobile diet application, combining traditional crafts with new designs and techniques, smart home systems with IoT applications, robotics training for children, alternative energy sources to be installed on the roads, e-commerce platform for wholesale clothing, city plan and mapping services.

Some of the other key achievements of the program apart from the entrepreneurship trainings is building a common language and creating an international environment which has established integration and close friendships between the refugee and local participants.


Participants Selected

out of many who applied.



formed. Teams worked on their ideas during the program.


Hours of Training

Participants received 90 hours of training.



Have given trainings to participants

1436 Individuals

We have reached out 1436 people through 10 different events and Startup Accelerator Program during Gaziantep Program.

18 Different Department

We benefited from the diversity of students to strengthen the interdisciplinary work and increase the creativity of the participants.

210 Female Entrepreneur Candidates

We have reached out 210 women through Women Entrepreneurship Panel and Women Startup Weekend.

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Demo Day Presentations (Pitching to Investors)


  • Can 5 entrepreneur change the world?
    Mustafa Osman Turan (InnoCampus)
  • SWOT Analysis
    Memet Ünsal (InnoCampus)
  • Action Planning
    Memet Ünsal (InnoCampus)
  • Start-Up Road Map
    Emre Özbek (Kovvan)
  • Lean Canvas
    Memet Ünsal (InnoCampus)
  • Visualization on Wall
    Boran Şimşek (Duracell)
  • Project Management
    Boran Şimşek (Duracell)
  • MBTI Personality Test
    Boran Şimşek (Duracell)
  • Design Thinking
    Kerem Alper (Atölye İstanbul)
  • Branding
    Turgay Adıyaman (BrandIsYou)
  • Growth Hacking
    Yakup Bayrak (DAM Startup Studio)
  • 13 Principles of a Startup
    Memet Ünsal (InnoCampus)
  • Presentation Skills and Techniques
    Memet Ünsal (InnoCampus)
  • Collective Leadership
    Behice Ertenü (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi)
  • Inspiring Talks
    Nazlan Ertan (Hurriyet Daily News)
  • Market Analysis & Positioning
    Tuğrul Ağırbaş (Anadolu Efes)
  • Focusing on Strengths and Solutions
    Tim Bright (One World Consulting)
  • Art of Creating a Story
    Özgür Atanur (MomentumID),Ahu Sıla Bayer (Bogaziçi Üniversitesi)
  • Art of Story Telling
    Sinan Sülün (Storyteller, Dinamo Consulting)

  • Market and Financial Analysis
    Taylan Demirkaya (Embriyonix and İzmir Ekonomi University)
  • Inspiring Talks
    Mehmet Aksel (The Culinary Arts Academy, MSA)
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    Fatih Güçlü (Lawyer), Önder Özen (Lawyer)
  • Entrepreneurship in Turkey
    Gaziantep Ticaret Odası
  • Business Law for Syrians under Temporary Protection
    Zehra Sağlam (Lawyer)
  • Business Fit Test
    İhsan Elgin (Core Strategy)
  • Digital Startup
    Haldun Komşuoğlu (Robotic LLS)
  • Creating Your Future Powerfully
    İrem Sefa Yayımlar (InnoCampus)
  • Pitching to Investors
    Burak Yaman (KWORKS)
  • Inspiring Talks
    Ömer Erkmen (Mentor and Investor)
  • Astronomy Night
    Durmuş Sabuncu (InnoCampus)

Applied Trainings

  • 3D Printer Modelling
    Taceddin Ölmez (InnoCampus)
  • 3D Printer Workshop
    Taceddin Ölmez (InnoCampus)
  • Arduino I
    Zeynep Aykul (InnoCampus)
  • Arduino II
    Zeynep Aykul (InnoCampus)
  • Basic Drawing
    Dara Dandashi