InnoCampus Women Startup Weekend

13 – 14 May, Gaziantep

InnoCampus Women Startup Weekend will be organized during the weekend of 12-14 May in Gaziantep to provide basic entrepreneurship training to the women who want to become an entrepreneur in Gaziantep, introduce them to succesful business women in Gaziantep and encourage them.


All women who can participate in the event can also apply from different cities.


The program will start on Saturday and Sunday at 09:00 in the morning and end at 18:00 in the afternoon. Apart from that, the prototyping laboratory YapLab in the InnoCampus containers during the event will be open to anyone interested.


Throughout the event, all women participants will work in teams to develop their own business ideas with the support of mentors and trainers. The event is open to all women who want to be entrepreneurs.


InnoCampus Women Startup Weekend is going to be organized as part of the on-going entrepreneurship and innovation trainings within InnoCampus Gaziantep Startup Accelerator Program during Feb – May 2017 period with the support of International Organization for Migration (IOM).



All the participants will register themselves to the event and will start to meet each other, InnoCampus Team, trainers and mentors.

Opening Speeches:

Opening speeches will be delivered by the Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and InnoCampus Program Manager, and the IOM representative.


Successful business women will share their success stories and the challenges they overcame with the women participants to encourage and inspire them.

Participants will have Presentation Skills Training to deliver an effective presentation of the projects they develop and Lean Canvas Training to focus on cost, demand and market evaluation, problems and solutions while developing business ideas.

Presentation Preparations:

After each training, participants will apply the trainings they got to their own business ideas with the support of mentors. Each participant will work in teams to present their business ideas at the end of the event.


All participants will present their business ideas to the jury, in teams, throughout the event and after training and mentoring

At the event closing, all participants, trainers, mentors, event partners and the InnoCampus Team will share their experiences and what they have learned.

Event Partners

International Organization for Migration

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

Gaziantep University