InnoCampus <hackathon>

3-5 February – FMV Işık University Şile Campus

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In 3-5 February, 36 participants from different cities of Turkey such as Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Siirt, Izmir, Çanakkale, Samsun, Mersin and Batman have formed 9 teams and worked on projects for almost 36 hours to find solutions  about  refugee problems regarding  education, health, language, basic needs, cultural differences.
Applications to InnoCampus <hackathon> have been evaluated and 36 participants were selected including both Turkish and refugee software developers and designers. Participants developed 9 different projects focusing on different refugee issues. At the end of 36 hours, teams presented their project ideas  to the jury and audience.

Teams of InnoCampus <Hackathon>

  • Acil Belge Tarama Sistemi ( A platform for quickly and reliably transmittin refugee documents to the officials )
  • E-Refugee ( A website about Scholarship opportunities, employment, hospitals, residence, sharing of culture with common kitchen for refugees )
  • Educational Mentoring Aid ( A platform where refugees voluntarily  mentor each other )
  • system SR ( Employer and Worker matching platform )
  • Muhajir A social website where refugees interact with each other )
  • Seeking a Job Job search platform for refugees )
  • Vuslat A platform for informing refugee rights and needs )
  • Tabeb-Me A mobile application that provides communication between a refugee patient and a Turkish doctor )
  • Social Call ( A social network where refugees can indicate their demands to NGOs )


Engin Polat

Regional Director, Microsoft

Ramazan Subaşı

Raspberry Pi Product Manager, SAMM Technology

Erinç Fırtına

Stack Developer, Getir

Serhat Karakaya

Head of Corporate Communications Manager, BiTaksi & Getir

Doğan Dalyan

CTO & Co-founder, Getir

Sinan Beşkok

Brand & Partnerships Manager, Getir

Halid Özsoy

Head of Product, Getir

Verilen Ödüller

Winner: Tabeb Me

Price: Microsoft BizSpark

Winner: Acil Belge Tarama Sistemi

Price: Microsoft Summer Camp

Winner: Vuslat

Price: Raspberry Pi Kit from Samm Teknoloji

Winner: Social Call

Price: Internship at Red Rose