InnoCampus Team

Memet Ünsal

InnoCampus Program Director

I am a project manager, PhD mechanical engineer with specialization in robotics, and a backpacking/photography enthusiast. I recently took a year of sabbatical leave from my corporate job and moved back to Türkiye so I can work on InnoCampus, which is close to my heart. 

A friend once told me it only takes 5 people to change the world. They just need to believe in the same idea, find each other and stick together until they do it. I fell in love with the of idea of bringing creative people together, have them collaborate and watch them come up with the ideas that will make the world a better place one step at a time. InnoCampus is the first step we take with this dream in mind.

Durmuş Sabuncu

InnoCampus Communication Manager

After graduating from the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Ankara University in 2011, I got training in science communication. I am one of the first practitioners in Turkey in this area. Among my interdisciplinary educational history, I aim to contribute to science and society. I was the science center manager at the first and unique children’s museum in Turkey which is Ankara Children’s Museum and Science Center. After developing concept and content in the foundation of the Energy Children’s Museum in MTA (Mineral Research & Exploration General Directorate), I took part in non-formal education programs and finally at the ITU Science Center. I have been working at InnoCampus full-time since early 2016.

Zeynep Aykul

InnoCampus FabLab Manager

After graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Manufacturing Engineering Department in 2014, she took master degree in Industrial Design at Izmir Institute of Technology. Education of industrial design students, open hardware and open design are some of the research interests of her. In InnoCampus FabLab, she design training content and workshops for different groups from children to university students. Also, she supports entrepreneurs who need prototyping.

İrem Sefa Yayımlar

Project Coordinator

I have graduated from Dokuz Eylul University International Relations and Business Administration Department. I also studied European Studies in Maastricht University, Netherlands as an Erasmus Exchange Student. After I have completed my Bachelor’s degree, I got my Master’s degree in European Studies at Centre International de Formation Européenne. I have worked in marketing department of several multinational companies. When I was managing one of the leader brands of Turkey in Ülker Company, I have resigned to realize my dream and decided to go for a world trip. My greatest passion in life is to empower people (especially women and children) to be aware of their potential and to use it to realize their dreams. Accordingly, I am volunteering as an introduction Leader and personal development coach in Landmark Worldwide, and as a mentor for the university students to empower them. Now, I am proud to follow my dream, quit corporate life and work fulltime in InnoCampus to serve anyone who wants to realize their own dreams.

Doruk Ünsal

Project Manager

I graduated from Sabancı University, Department of Industrial Engineering. I started working on the InnoCampus project since the last year of my University education. After graduating in 2014, I worked as a business analyst at, an e-commerce start-up. Since 2016 I am working as Project Manager at Innomate.

Taceddin Ölmez

FabLab Expert

From the first minute I met InnoCampus, I thought I could do everything in my dreams and then I realized that what I really wanted to do was work at FabLab. Ever since I joined the InnoCampus team, I have been learning new things every day and everyone in the team has made an extraordinary contribution to my development. The InnoCampus team is the best team I can be involved in!

One of my biggest dreams is extending the usage of 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines, Arduino electronic kits in Turkey and make these technologies support anyone who dream of realizing the project. Therefore, one of my biggest targets is to expand the prototyping machines which are not common in Turkey.

Mustafa Osman Turan

InnoCampus Idea Generation and Action Coach

Since 1992 I have been assigned to challenging diplomatic missions in different parts of the world from the Balkans to Afghanistan. I worked in the field of human rights in Vienna as well as cultural and consular affairs in Rome. I developed my expertise on the European Union in Brussels. 

I am passionately interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship. I believe that coworking spaces foster collective intelligence and facilitate creative thinking. I love to connect people in meaningful and authentic ways. I have joined this project because I would like to share my passion and experience about these new concepts with university students.

Serhat Doğan

InnoCampus FabLab Consultant

Since my early years in university, my colleagues and I have worked together on Fuel Cell (Hydrogen) Vehicle projects at international and national platforms in order to increase awareness about innovation and renewable energy. Thanks to this experience, I was able to participate in R&D projects of Audi A8 & TT in Germany during my master studies. Currently I am Project Leader at Quality Division (Prototype) of Toyota Europe Headquarters.

I am passionate about supporting young generation in turning their ideas into tangible projects through innovative prototyping and collaborative team work. By doing this,
I wholeheartedly believe that they will be able to improve themselves, overcome obstacles and define their career path which will also contribute our country’s bright future.

My motto for the InnoCampus project is “Remember! Our most valuable heritage for the next generation would be to increase the numbers of well-trained young people as role models.”

Çağrı Çaylak

InnoCampus Innovation Consultant

Following the completion of my bachelor’s degree at Uludag University Electronics Engineering department, I moved to Belgium to continue with my Master’s studies. In parallel to my academic education, I started to work at HP Belgium office as a Technology Consultant in 2007. Since 2011, I have been working as a Senior Technology Consultant at the Accenture Belgium office. My role mainly focuses on project management of big scale projects of many multinational companies at regional and global levels. Beside my professional career, I have been actively involved in several Non-Governmental Organizations since my university years and I am currently continuing my voluntary work as the General Coordinator at Turkish Connections Platform, which we have established in Brussels. I believe that the young generation will be the architect of the future and if enough opportunities are given they can change the world. I would like to share my experiences with and learn from the students at InnoCampus project as I think that the entrepreneurship and innovation are two main building blocks of a better future.

Emre Kayaarma

InnoCampus Financial Consultant

In 2000, when I came back to Turkey after a 7 months internship in Portugal, I’ve decided that I should start my career abroad following my graduation. I was dreaming of transforming the international experience I would build in 3-4 years into some form of value-add for Turkey. Realizing that dream had quite a bit of delay. I believe now it’s the right time for it with InnoCampus.

Throughout my 10+ years of international career in regional and global roles at HP, I’ve helped many international corporations to redefine their business models, using technology driven innovation. I’ve experienced the impressive results that can be achieved, when diverse perspectives of fresh minds and experienced professionals are blended in suitable environments, using creative processes. The potential of InnoCampus bringing such an environment into the universities in Turkey and being part of it motivate me very much.

Özlem Pasin Ünsal

InnoCampus Legal Consultant

After giving consultancy to the leading companies of the pharmaceutical industry, I set up my own consulting firm in order to carry out my professional activities in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation that I followed enthusiastically. I have completed high school education at Robert College and law education at Koç University. I have successfully completed my postgraduate program in International Business Law at American University Washington College of Law. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP, World Bank, Pfizer and Nobel Pharma are the companies and institutions I have worked in. I voluntarily support social responsibility projects and projects that contribute to a change in soceity. Apart from being a member of the TurkishWIN, I am very pleased to be spending time in nature outside of work, running, snorkeling, creating and discovering innovations. I am delighted to be part of realizing young people’s dreams by giving volunteer counseling and mentoring support to InnoCampus project

Boran Şimşek

InnoCampus Program Content Consultant

After graduating from Koc High School, I followed my childhood dream and studied mechanical engineering in Koc University. In 2009, just after graduation, I decided to start my professional career in Belgium working for Procter and Gamble (P&G). As global engineering project manager, I worked in 2 different product categories and led various packing projects in France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Japan. For these projects I procured equipment from 10 different countries and vendors. During these years I had the chance to be the engineering lead for one of the biggest liquid packaging innovation project, starting from feasibility design stage until the product launch in Europe. In 2015 I returned back home to Istanbul and started working for Duracell which is a corporate start up after its divestiture from P&G. In Duracell I work as TICCAR region Supply Chain Manager.