Startup Weekend

17 – 19 February 2017, Gaziantep University Campus

Talented new entrepreneur candidates  presented their innovative business ideas in front of the jury at the end of the sleepless 48 hours at the ‘InnoCampus Startup Weekend’ held in Gaziantep between 17 – 19 February 2017!

During the weekend it was noticed that cooperation between Turkish and refugee entrepreneurs and the team coordination they formed within themselves also spread into their social and cultural interactions. During  the event, teams focused on technologies such as internet, data analysis, 3D production, and many teams concentrated on finding sustainable solutions to refugee problems. This gave the hope that Turkey, which has a large population of refugees, could be an example to the world as an expression of   the solution of the refugee problems.

Teams of InnoCampus Startup Weekend:

  • Dijital Zanaat Evi Digital craft training for children )
  • Robot Kafe ( They provide technology and robot trainings to refugee children in Gaziantep who have lost their parents in the war )
  • Thingy ( Smart Home systems with Internet of things technology )
  • Urban Research Center ( Urban planning service specializing in refugee data )
  • SiteBia ( A web and graphics design service )
  • O Küçük Adamlar ( A rolling mechanism integrated in the asphalt activated by passing traffic to generate electricity )
  • An online market place for the whole sale of of textile products )
  •  Lighthouse A mobile platform where refugees can input their needs to help international organizations and NGOs identify these needs )
  •  Corners ( Custom made interior design aimed to create the mood of the home owner’s choosing )
  •  Bora Bot ( A multi-functional boot design for mine and rescue workers )
  •  Syrians Success Stories Syrian Success Stories: A platform where successful refugees from all walks of life tell their stories to inspire other refugees )
  •  Vuslat A raspberry pi based device for refugees to access certain critical information at different locations around the city )
  •  Joon ( An online market place for artistic products produced in cooperation with local artists and refugee crafts people )
  •  Minemat ( A mobile platform where refugees can input their needs to help international organizations and NGOs identify these needs )

Trainings and Trainers

Lean Startup Canvas (Memet Ünsal )

Presentation Skills (Mehmet Onarcan )


Mehmet Onarcan

Founder Mentors Network TR – Angel Investor

Boran Şimşek

Supply Chain Manager, Duracell

Özlem Pasin

Legal Consultant, Pasin

Memet Ünsal

InnoCampus Co-Founder

Mustafa Osman Turan

Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affair