InnoCampus FabLab Trainings

Harran University, Şanlıurfa. 23 October – 20 December 2017

InnoCampus FabLab Trainings will be on 23 October – 20 December 2017 in InnoCampus Containers at Harran University Osmanbey Campus in Şanlıurfa.

InnoCampus organizes applied quick prototyping and digital technologies trainings in FabLab.

Some of the FabLab trainings are

  • FabLab and Open Source Technologies (1 hour)
  • 3D Modelling with Autodesk Fusion (2 hours)
  • 3D Printing Workshop (3 hours)

  • Basic Electronic Prototyping with Arduino (2 hours)
  • Design Workshop with Arduino (3 hours)

  • Robotics Workshop (4 hours)
  • Laser Cutting Training (2 hours)
  • CNC Training (2 hours)

In addition to workshops and trainings, person who want to develop project or prototype can contact through with details of project and information about which equipments are needed. Before prototyping, person should be attended to FabLab workshops and trainings.

Participants should fill the pre-registration form. Training hours and demand will be identified with pre-registration form.

You can register for trainings on after 20 October 2017.

Before trainings, please read pre-requirements of trainings, install required software and pay attention about required computer and other equipment. Each training has certain spots, so you need to register before trainings on

Fill the pre-registration form now, do not miss FabLab Trainings!